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How does ACE-informed programming, designed to mobilize resilience and recovery, serve to defray costly ACE consequences and prevent ACE transmission to the next generation?

Supporting the development of healthy citizens benefits everyone. Both the mobilization of healthy social networks and interventions geared to address a parent's own ACEs, for example, help to prevent intergenerational ACE transmission. Preventing ACEs and ACE consequences is profitable for society as a whole. Economic research already shows that early intervention programs with disadvantaged children has reduced the cost of services spent on that child $5.70 for every dollar. See Policy for more information.


Efforts are underway to identify new resources to bring together and highlight a range of partners in ACE Response – taking next steps in advancing whole systems-whole community-whole person practice, research, and service and RISing out of trauma. Although this site has paused and minimized updates over the past few years, many community leaders and organizations have continued to lead, develop and advance real world, on the ground ACE Response in various ways throughout the United States and internationally. While the website remains accessible, minimal updates for now are focused on occasional additions of links and resources. Please stay tuned for new developments.